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Trauma disrupts our ability to connect. When not resolved, it makes moving through life more difficult. It hinders our life-force from flowing freely throughout our bodies and we get disconnected from ourselves, others and the world around us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way if we are willing to do the work 💪

Last week I dived deeper in the art of emotional bodywork; working with the result of blockages created by tension, different experiences throughout life and trauma; so called “armour”.

It was a hell of a ride, empowering and life-changing. What a journey…

I faced my pain. I expressed my pain. I released my pain. Sadness, anger, fear, grief, sorrow, frustration and hopelessness…

On the other hand I experienced so much joy, bliss, pleasure, aliveness, relaxation and gratefulness…

For 7 days we worked from dawn till dusk to release the blockages stored in our bodies.

What a gift after all these months of social distancing to connect, to feel, to touch, to stay close, to hold and support each other.

A beautiful group of sisters and brothers, all having the same desire: to live our life to the fullest!

To live a life free of stuck emotions, unhealthy patterns, and old pain.

To reconnect with the beauty and joy of life on all levels.

To connect with our true selves and with our deeper purpose.

To become authentic, empowered, and fully expressed human beings.

To restore the natural balance within and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world.

With each day, we began meeting ourselves more deeply. Discovering who we really are.
What we feel, and what we don’t feel.
What we want, and what we don’t want.

Learning to say ‘yes’ when we mean yes, and ‘no’ when we mean no, and if that hurt someone, giving them back their responsibility to heal.

To become more and more real, more and more human, more and more conscious, less and less perfect. Pure, raw, wild, honest, clear and clean. Empowered.

But also to become more self-aware and willing to feel.

To let our hearts break sometimes. To not know, sometimes. To be bored, sometimes. To be scared, sometimes. Or angry or sad.

To be blissed-out, sometimes. To be full of life. To sometimes not know what the next step is. And to take it, or not.

The world needs more women and men who are truly empowered and connected to the power of their life force energy!

Things need to change. And that change begins with us!

We as human beings need to find our ways to stand firm and balanced next to each other in full support and devotion to our life forces!

🙏Thank you De’an Matuka and Sanna Sanita for your living example of integrity, depth, solidity, devotion and unconditional love. You are a gift to the world!

🙏 Thank you loving assistant team for your support and space holding.

Leaving me in awe, deeply relaxed, soft, velvety, and vibrant, open to feelings and inner wisdom.

Feeling blessed and very exhausted. For next days (or weeks  ) I will take time to integrate 🌹

With love.


2 months after completing Basic De-Armouring Training, I finally feel ready to share about it. I’ve been blown away by the subtle and exceptionally transformative impact this training had on me.
There wasn’t a pivotal moment where something life-changing happened…no major break-through or trauma release…although I did once find myself in a flashback as a 6 year old girl lying on a hospital table asking where my dad was, which was pretty powerful!
No…these changes have crept in slowly – yet undeniably – over time.
My body has taken over the decision making in my day-to-day life and my mind now has to repeatedly take second place. I have dropped into the deepest connection with my body that I’ve ever known and I have a level of comfort in owning who I am that is [almost] unapologetic. This training helped me affirm how reassuringly good I am at what I do….AND how fucking much there is still to learn.
I got an upgraded acute level of awareness of my shadows and my patterns. And an equally upgraded level of compassion for myself for having them. I’m now bringing extreme levels of honesty and authenticity to every relationship I’m in and carving a strong path of conscious, authentic relating everywhere I go 🔥💖
My working schedule has completely changed…my days now revolve around self-connection time and I fit in work in between. TRE (‘trauma release exercise’ or ‘self de-armouring’) has transformed my relationship to my physical and energetic body and become a deeply enriching almost-daily practice that I cherish. I journal more, self-care more, spend time preparing food and listen to what my body wants to eat.
Thanks to the recent Our Dark Divinity training, I’m also enjoying a delicious daily meditation through vibration into the void, communing with Earth and the Cosmos and developing further the connection with my felt sense and energetic body.
On the De-Armouring Training, I learned how to run energy and gained awareness of when my energy field is open or closed and how to control that. I can now recognise when I’m leaking energy and learning how to conduct it instead. I finally really ‘got’ how it feels to be truly in my body and saw the ways in which I dissociate and repeatedly leave – and how to bring myself back and stay with presence through uncomfortable situations. I realised I can hold space for almost my full array of emotions…except fear and how I immediately avoid this, not yet having learned to feel or accept it.
I learned about trauma…what causes it, how it gets stored in the body, how it can present when it’s revisited and the stages through which we may go to release it. I learned the difference between fear and terror/panic and how to support someone back to presence if they enter the latter.
I allowed people to physically hold and support me when I cry, trusting – for the first time ever – that they are holding me THROUGH the experience…and not trying to shut it down.
I’m starting to really own the vast array qualities and gifts I bring to the table and embody my self-worth with a confidence I never have before. I have grounded in the deepest self-love, acceptance and championing of myself that I’ve ever known. And I’m finally shedding the wounds of the past around not respecting my yoni’s boundaries and have cultivated a deep love, respect and honouring of this sacred part of my body.
I still get caught up in my ‘smallness’ and forget that I am supported by Creation and can rely on Divine Energy and not have to do everything by myself, alone.
I am remembering more and more to reach out to friends in these moments and ask to be reminded that I am loved and held by a field of tribe, allies, friends, lovers, family and co-creators, that is much greater than my own 💞❤️💞
Some of these shifts started in my Shamanic Breathwork training and I want especially to credit Linda Star Wolf, Nikólaus Wolf and Hanna Olterman for their transmissions of unconditional love that began a deep transition in my psyche of what it feels like to be truly loved.
De-armouring is not just a melting of the physical armour we have accumulated, but the energetic, emotional, psychological, behavioural, belief-level and soul-level armour we are carrying too. I gained a vast expansion of my tools and rooted my existing knowledge and skills with renewed confidence.
I’m slowly starting to incorporate de-armouring techniques into my bodywork private sessions. There is still MUCH for me to learn and already I can see some results.
The upgrades in my being have been huge. And this shift from mind to body feels life-changing! It’s wreaked absolute havoc with every way that I previously knew how to be and the adjustment phase has been an uphill struggle…and I feel like I’m finally starting to find balance.
Thank you so much to De’an Matuka, Sanna Sanita and Susanne Roursgaard for this amazing transmission of skills, knowledge and ways of being. Thank you also to the exceptional grade of assistants, most notably Priit Vimberg, Rune Koch and Linda Ahl Leire for supporting me, teaching me and loving me into this new level of existence.


Trauma is not something that is contained in the brain, you carry it with you in your body and your nervous system does everything it can to protect you.
Are you fed up with feeling broken? Have you come to the point where you feel enough is enough, that it’s time to heal and move on? Is it time to start living life to the fullest, as you did before?
Then try de-armouring. Be brave for a moment and then feel the difference. I simply can’t recommend it more.
Thank you again Sanna Sanita, De’an Matuka and Matthias Schwenteck. I will hold you all in my heart for the rest of my life. Till we meet again 🥰🙌🔥🌈
PS: My fiancée is very grateful to you, too


For me, de-armouring Basic Training was an 11-day journey into the deep and beautiful mystery of my own body, the wonder and potential of the bodies of my fellow students, and into a greater connection with love, aliveness, and the amazing blessing of being human together.
I took this course to heal my relationship with myself, and I returned to the world more complete, more lit up, and more alive.
I cannot express how highly I recommend the work of Sanna, De’an, and Susanne. Their grace, power, and insightfulness cracked me open and let the light pour in. This work is a blessing and a gift to the world, and I am not exaggerating.
Whether you do this course for your own personal healing, or as a practitioner bringing much-needed healing to this world, de-armouring basic training will be the best training you’ve done in your life.


I’m so deeply touched by this training, I think that words cannot describe the journey I went into myself. I never experienced such a deep level of trust in a training, these amazing souls were holding the space with so much love, which made my whole being feel so save to go deeper and deeper every day.. and deep it went, to places I didn’t even knew about. Re-membering, and bring these dark places into the light which hold me back from rooting, seeing trough my (connecting) patterns, meeting my inner light and warrior and so much bliss and juiciness. So much growth and transformation, thank you thank you thank you Sanna Sanita, De’an Matuka and Susanne Roursgaard.
I feel this is going to change some things in my life, and I will trigger people even more than before, because I will not dim any part of my being any more, I made this promise to myself. Welcome people who love my whole being, and I’m sending much love to people on their way out for whom I am too much, or love just a part of my being. I love myself totally!
Thank you life for experiencing you fully, thank you so much brothers and sisters for all the mirrors, healing, love and support in this. You are all fucking amazing!!


❤ Yesterday I came back from 11 days of traveling deep within myself.
It has been such a transformational journey for me! To really dive into my body and face all my deeply routed fears and pain and desires, and to come out, with even deeper knowing of my True Powerful Joyful Essence, Knowing and Understanding and Seeing, even more deeper who I really am!
I feel grateful for myself, to dive into the unknown, even though it felt fucking scary! A big bow to everyone that supported me on this journey.

And a big recommendation to anyone who want to learn how to de-armour a body, and dive deep into themselves; I feel a big appreciation for the three teachers (+ great assistents) involved in this training;
Susanne Roursgaard, Sanna Sanita and De’an Matuka. Thank you for doing this beautiful (needed) work with so much Passion, Clearity, Integrity and Save Space holding. Until we meet again.


Over the past 4 days I joined an intensive advanced level training of body-dearmouring with De’an Matuka. I worked with energy, breath and sound, and the four elements. I increased my knowledge of ‘points’ that can hold ‘armour’ in various body parts. I experienced the amazing effect the quality of my own presence can have in sessions with clients. And l felt ‘clarification’ as well as deepening in my therapeutical development.
There is a lot to share about this and I might do so in due course. For now, I just feel grateful.


Two weeks of integration is behind. Meeting my own powerful power is what i connected to. Even the smallest and deepest inner truth can no longer be hidden. Now I am raw and honest, but with love, with the world around me … My previous retreats and workshops paled after the first week of this training. I needed those 11 days so badly. Deep bow to all of you, my dear sisters and brothers! Love you all 💞You supported and helped me with your presence to free my imprisonered power. Thank you De’an, Sanna and Susanne! Your wisdom is integrated into my Japanese wisdom for now and have helped already my clients to go a little bit deeper allowing them to de-armour their own power layer by layer …. I’m sure we’ll see soon again! With love and gratitude, Merike✨🙏❤


I have been looking for myself for almost 3 years with all kinds of training sessions. But the de_armouring helped me the most. That’s why I think I did it twice. I see and feel more than ever. I see light, colors, the beauty of people and their love. For the first time in my life I even feel some love for myself. I say thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart who helped me with this journey. Thank you all with love.


I am still drunk with love and miracles. I want to express my gratitude to De’an, Sanna and Matthias and all the assisting facilitators and the group for your teachings and for creating this space, living and breathing this way of living. And I pray that I can more and more stay in this space even in my daily life.


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