Deepen Your Presence – April/May 2021

Welcome to “Deepen Your Presence” 24 Apr – 13 May 2021

20 day training led by De’an Matuka & Bozena Stojanovic (De’ans teacher).
We are very happy and honoured to have Bozena come and teach a part of this training. She is a living master and an incredible human being.

This advanced training is designed to teach you how to work with the flow, how to surrender to being a channel for energies to pour through you, and how to deepen your presence in everyday life, becoming a more peaceful, aligned & joyful human being, and an amazing bodywork practitioner.

Presence working through us is when true magic happens, beyond mind and matter. We do not need to know, and mind can never make this happen. Mind is not designed to sense this flow and will always want to know or control the outcome.

During these days you will learn practical tools to “get out of the way”, and experience how it feels to anchor and expand as wisdom from within. Through direct experience, tools, and techniques, you’ll learn how to guide others in your sessions.

This course is an essential piece for anyone seriously considering dearmouring as a job, and one of the advanced trainings Dearmouring Arts offers for dearmouring practitioners interested in enhancing their skills and learning new tools with which to serve their clients, as well as anyone interested in the path of Mastery and a path of a Mystic.

Location: Beautiful retreat centre Jandala in Serbia.

Training is split in two parts.
Participation Options:

Option 1)
24 Apr – 13 May 2021. Full 20 days including both parts of the training.

Including workshop, yummy vegetarian food and accommodation
– €2,760 double rooms.
– €2,960 single room

10% discount if paid in cryptocurrency (we can help you set it up if necessary)

Option 2)
24 April (4pm)- 5 May (6.30pm) – 12 days

This part of the training is led by De’an Matuka, dearmouring practitioner and co-founder of Dearmouring Arts (

Here we focus on Deepening Your Presence as a bodyworker or dearmouring practitioner.

Including workshop, yummy vegetarian food and accommodation
– €1,660 double rooms.
– €1,760 single room

10% discount if paid in cryptocurrency (we can help you set it up if necessary)

  • You’ll learn to surrender whatever tendency you may have to “overthink” and “over-manage” a dearmouring session, and instead settle into intuitive and sensory awareness.
  • You will work with the 5 elements — fire, water, earth, air, and space. You’ll spend some time each day in nature observing and connecting with the qualities of these elements, internalising them so you can embody them as needed during a session.
  • We will spend some days in total silence in order to connect deeper with our inner landscape.

You’ll learn:
– How to feel the flow and go with it.
– How to follow an impulse from within and trust your inner guidance.
– Removing attachments to the flow and outcome of your sessions.
– Subtle energy manipulation: How to influence the state of your client with your way of being.
– How to transfer love, care, and a feeling of safety into your client.
– Working with the elements: How to embody an element and transfer its qualities to your client.
– How to ground your client, make them full of fire, mellow them out in calm waters, or let them dissolve in the ethers of infinite space.
– How to remove yourself from yourself in the sessions, and become an empty vessel able to conduct pure energy from the source.

Each day will include presentations of theory relevant to that day’s focus, demonstrations of techniques, and hands-on practice. Because you will rotate to a new partner for each practice session, you’ll gain a variety of experience with different body types and issues. Following each practice session, there will be a post-session group discussion of participants’ individual session experiences as giver and receiver. During these discussions, you will have an opportunity to process anything that arose during the session (if you choose) and also to get your questions answered for the benefit of all.

Option 3)
6 May (5pm) – 13 May (5pm) – 8 days

This part of the training is led by Bozena Stojanovic (De’ans teacher), a living master and an incredible human being.

We are very happy and honoured to have Bozena come and teach a part of this training as she has many many years of experience in guiding people on their inner path, and is extremely skilled at what she does.
You can expect to have your life positively impacted in a big way!

This part of the training is not specifically connected to bodywork or dearmouring practice but Deepening Your Presence as an individual.

Including workshop, yummy vegetarian food and accommodation
– €1,160 double rooms.
– €1,260 single room

10% discount if paid in cryptocurrency (we can help you set it up if necessary)

You will explore:

1) Path of Mastery & Path of a Mystic.
– What are they?
– What is the difference between them?
– What are the steps and phases of both; path of Mastery and path of a Mystic?
– How to enter both paths?
– How to recognise them, and how to stay on track?

2) The Essence of “I Am Presence”
– What is it, and what is it not?

3) Five Elements
– Individual work with each element: their sounds, energy. mudra’s and inner organs associated with each element. All of those aspects are important and necessary to really activate the element in the body, and to benefit from it.
– How to heal with an element and how to work with it at same time on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Soul.
– How to make any particular element stronger in the body, so if people have a imbalance of particular element they can sit and do a meditation which will balance and strengthen that element.
– Group work with sounds of elements as that opens the portal of that element and makes it stronger and easier to connect to.

4) Shakti Treatments
Treatments will be highly individual and tailor made specifically for that person depending on what they need.
After the treatment person will know how to proceed further in their life, where to place their focus, and how to deepen their path of mastery.
They will help:
– Connect the person to I Am Presence,
– Open blockages to manifest their life path,
– Remove limiting patterns on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dimensions,
– Remove any obstacles that stop the spiritual development and connection to God.

5) Yoga Nidra meditation: Teaching us how to enter a deep state of relaxation or trance necessary to receive answers to our questions. Those answers are not coming from our mind but form the source.

6) Teaching meditation: to connect with our personal guides, our higher self, connecting us to the current energy of our life path, and balancing and unifying the frequency of our 5 bodies.

7) How to work and heal with the light: Sending it to our body, organs, cells, atoms and DNK.

8) How to work with I Am Presence: how to activate it, and how to recognise the signs of that activation so we clearly know if connected or not.

9) Connecting to and travelling to higher dimensions of the light: Receiving knowledge, answers and guidance.

10) Understanding and learning about four types of mind: How to observe them inside ourselves, and how to work with them.

11) Observing a relationship: between prana (life force energy) and our chakras with a view of deepening our presence.

12) Much time for Questions & Answers

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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We look forward to seeing you there <3


Apr 24 2021 - May 13 2021